about kate

I am a fully qualified and insured yoga teacher, registered with the Yoga Alliance (RYT 200).  

Having trained with YogaLondon, my teaching style is based on my own experience of yoga as a transformative process for mind and body, resulting in a nurturing, lighthearted and uplifting style that focuses on building strength and flexibility through a strong and graceful class.

I believe that every single body is different and I create a safe environment for everyone to practice to their own capabilities. 

To this end I have completed further teacher training with Andrew McGonigle ("Doctor Yogi") on supporting injured students. 

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why yoga?


Yoga to me is a way of living a purposeful, fulfilling, harmonious life.  Yoga can help to bring purpose and direction in the ever-changing landscapes of our lives.


I originally came to yoga in 2012 looking for an intense physical workout, but quickly found that what I most looked forward to each time was the mental space that yoga brought me from my hectic lifestyle; 90 minutes of headspace, three times a week, just for me.  I swiftly transitioned from Bikram yoga to other styles, searching for the style that afforded me the toning workout I wanted, married with the mental space I craved.  I came to realise that yoga had become a moving meditation for me; I slept better, I felt lighter in spirit, I was more toned and flexible and generally happier.  Yoga brings me breathing space from my busy corporate life.


Yoga has brought me a greater degree of self awareness, more patience, more positivity and more gratitude.  I have learnt and am still learning the meaning of ‘practice’ - as a child I was sports averse, and I would never have described myself as flexible - I couldn't touch my toes until not that long ago!

In tuning in to my mind and my body, yoga has strengthened me inside and out. It brings me clarity of thought and has made me a lighter, brighter human being; a more positive, authentic, life-loving and, I hope, all round more pleasant person to be around.


In my teaching I hope to share what I have discovered about the transformative benefits of yoga and help students explore its life enhancing physical and mental impact by guiding them through an uplifting yoga practice that brings strength and grace to the body and peace and contentment to the mind.